Monday, July 11, 2011


The children left on Saturday for my mom's place. 
 I was dry eye and blase, Rolf was sentimental and Mark was befuddled with all of the airline rules and regulations for 12 year olds traveling alone vs people under 12 traveling alone. 
I suppose I am a terrible person, or mother because I don't need my children with me constantly, I don't miss them terribly, if I know they are having fun, and are safely ensconced with someone that will wait on them hand and foot and drag them hither and yon in search of fun and excitement. 
I am happy they are happy, rather than hanging around here while I work long hours and snap at them for leaving towels on the floor.

Freyja on her way to the airport

Maxwell with his newly cut hair and giant backpack

Freyja saying a dramatic goodbye to Rolf's girlfriend's dog

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