Saturday, July 2, 2011

I get the news I need on the weather report

The past two weeks have been a sort of boring blur.
I am in this sort of no man's land at work with my future rather uncertain, as the grandparent (the parent organization's parent) undergoing a lot of unexpected change.
As a nonmember of the religious organization it puts me in an odd position, which for a planner like me is rough. I continue on in the hiring process, and got a second (!) message in a bottle from an applicant totally unrelated to the first.

That is an indication of of weird my life is at times.

I can gauge the course of my life by the number of messages in a bottle I receive in the mail each  week. 

My insomnia has really been kicking my ass lately too, so I feel pretty tired all the time.  I wish I could go someplace quiet and sleep for a week.

I read Wally Lamb's "wishing and a hoping" on the plane back from Maui, and enjoyed it.

It is a good plane book.  Really different from "She's come undone" which I loved, much less intense and lighthearted, but better than a beach book. 

I am onto Marianne Faithful's memoir, which is really poorly written.  Her life is is just the kind that I hate, very self absorbed, bad parenting, frivolous.  I love her voice, but man, there really isn't anything to respect about her.

We watched "Catfish" a documentary I am much too lazy to explain and it was good, a little sad, worth renting.

I've made a couple of decent meals but nothing remarkable, Rolf's birthday came and went and I made him four salsas which was what he asked for.

I bought him a bottle of St. Germain, which is a really lovely elderflower liquor, that you mix with champagne. 
I had never heard of it, bought it on a whim, after seeing the beautiful bottle in the liquor store, then the very next day I read about it in both an old Martha Stewart living and a British Country Living magazine.   Life is strange sometimes.

I told a friend the other day
"I don't feel depressed.  With everything going I would normally be sobbing daily and deeply depressed, over this work uncertainty,and the crazy making that comes along with it, but I feel pretty ok."

The friend I was talking to had just learned his mother has cancer.  compared to cancer, my foolishness is nothing. 
I have no idea where my sudden mental stability is coming from or how long it may last.  I took four bags of junk to Goodwill and I would like to take more, so who knows, maybe I am heading for some major personality shift, where I let things go. 

This song is going through my head right now.

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