Sunday, July 31, 2011

I scream for ice cream

After an ass kicking emotional week, I needed some big diversions.

Homemade ice cream and salted chocolate caramels were the thing, but never one to leave well enough alone, some berries would be good too, and perhaps some caramel sauce, and nuts?
Why not a soup?
Oh, and Freyja needs a bath after all that  berry picking, and there is vacuuming to be done,  and shopping at three stores and, and, and. I just really needed not to think about work any more. 
So there was the diversion I needed.
Everything went well, until one of my crowns came off a back tooth.  If you know me at all, you know I have  a deep fear of losing my teeth, I am a compulsive tooth brusher, so while it didn't hurt, it was a big source of anxiety having a missing crown.  My dentist phoned me back at 8:00pm and promised to squeeze me in on Monday.  He talked me down very sweetly and I managed not to freak out, too much.

She's baaaack!

Freyja came home from three weeks with grandma in San Francisco with red streaks in her hair.

cooling caramel with sea salt.

The finished and packaged product.

carrot & red pepper soup

Ripley taking liberties with Rolf's loose parenting.

I used the same table setting scheme two weeks in a row. Can you tell I have been stressed out?

Freyja & Rolf's bountiful harvest!

Our very rickety old ice cream maker, doesn't look like much, but works like a charm. 

I highly recommend inviting young people to dinner, then forcing them into hard labor.

is it possible to have too much desert?

Mr. Goody two shoes, declines both caramel ice cream and pie, and instead eats melon. 

a camera shy guest

the finished product!

sugar coma

a bit of music

Ripley sunning himself inside a hula hoop as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

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