Sunday, October 10, 2010

International House of Cake

the bar with a poodle theme
We had a party for Rolf's birthday.  His birthday is June 28th...  I was a little slow getting it together this year.  Mark is out of town for ten days, so entertaining wasn't really on my agenda, but with Halloween and Thanksgiving nipping at my heels, this seemed like the only time. 

I just invited his friends, none of our friends, and none of mine, as I just felt too overwhelmed to have fun.

He wanted a dessert party, so everyone brought their favorites!

and because I am insane, I chose to peel all the labels off the wine, and replace them with vintage illustrations. 
The one with Little Red Ridinghood says "in his heart the wolf was planning mischief." 
Does it get any better than that?

Rolf with his big bread.  He must have told me a dozen times "I have ordered the big bread."
  My children call this type of bread "Onkie bread". 
It comes from our favorite bakery The Pearl. 
I made chutney over fromage blanc, to spread on the bread and lots of stinky cheese was purchased.

Oh, and I made a cordial out of the elderberry syrup  I made earlier in the summer.
pear, sour cherry and ginger chutney over soft mild cheese.  A winning combination!

I look like I could use a good haircut and perhaps a better bra, or posture. YIKES! 
I am pictured with baba au rum, apfel kuchen and baked apples with cream and rosemary.

Mint melt aways, Jordan almonds and apricot candies with illustrations of Ripley St. Jude.
  Blogger is acting all wacky and not letting me add photos in any kind of order and I am getting really frustrated, so this post will degenerate and be poorly written. 
Stoopid Blogger, I hate you.

 Rosie brought this Hungarian cake that looks like a tree branch, there was only candle light so the photo isn't great.

 Sovij made this baked Alaska and took the prize for most extravagant, when he doused it in brandy and set it aflame! 
There was also one of the best blueberry pies I have ever tasted, brought by our survivalist friend and his wife- they grew all the ingredients, of course.
                       Rolf made Swedish cream with raspberry sauce too. 
Who could forget that?

Our sieve had gone missing, so Rolf rigged up this cheese cloth device for straining the berries. 

I sort of milked it with my hands to get all the juice out. 

It is what every host wants to do an hour before the guests arrive.

the aftermath

Onkel with some tired girls


  1. I love candlelight photos. The light quality is just so warm and inviting.

    I know, you think I am the only person on Earth who gives a good goddamn about the lighting. It's not true, but I am one of the fussier people I know about lighting schemes, for sure. And my house isn't even wired for electric lights yet. *sigh*

    I can tell I'll be needing the Happy Sun type lighting soon.

  2. god, no. I KNOW all about lighting and all the ins and outs of lighting and color. I am surrounded by lighting/color facsits at work. lol.

  3. and I totally cannot spell, geez.