Saturday, October 30, 2010

the felt acorn

felted wool acorns

I forced my children to felt wool acorns with me last Tuesday.  

They were fighting and snarling and I thought a little sit down with hot soapy water would be just the ticket to settle them down.

Maxwell wound up with two woolen snakes (the boy is simply not crafty!), but  Freyja made some excellent  faux nuts. 

My plan is to hang these and some real,gilded (ok, not really gilded, but spray painted gold) acorns by fishing line, from curly willow branches, as a center piece for Thanksgiving.

I am having an artist friend draw me a line drawing of a goat standing on top of a giant acorn, which I will glue onto old fashioned packing labels and use as name tags for the guests.

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