Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brace Face

Maxwell got braces recently and it has been a bit traumatic.  

His whole face swelled up pretty badly the day after they were put on and he couldn't eat for a whole week.  

He seems to be doing fairly well now though.

I had hoped that my children would inherit my  teeth and my hair, all the rest could come from their dad. Mark had braces and headgear starting in 4thgrade, but Maxwell's teeth were super slow to come in, so we are off to a later start.

 As far as genetics go  Miss F has Marks thin hair and high forehead and Maxwell has his terribly crooked teeth, he did get my big mouth though.


  1. looking at my folks, I'm not surprised in the least that it took 2 years of orthodontia to repair the damage that genetics had wrought.

    That took place in the days (or maybe just with the luck of a bright orthodontist) where they were all, why bother 'til all the adult teeth are in, anyway? So they left it 'til I was 15 to start, it was done in 2 years, and over. Now they're doing retainers at 8 and 9 - Jesus, what the fuck. They did that crap with my (slightly) older cousin - our teeth look the same, but she suffered years longer than i did.

  2. Maxwell's treatment will take two years too. His teeth are really a mess.