Sunday, October 24, 2010

fall cooking

 I have been struggling with blogger a lot.

To the point where I haven't felt like even trying to post, since it takes so long and is so full of frustration.

I was happy to read that other people are experiencing he same issues, since the "improvements" went into effect.

A little bit of  schadenfreude.   

I was buoyed by my discovery of the misery of others decided to bite the bullet and post a few photos of all the cookery that has been going on in the finch haus of late.
 I made a most fabulous carrot soup for Maxwell last Saturday, pureed in honor of his sore mouth.

I didn't expect other people to really eat it, but every last spoonful was devoured by our Saturday night dinner guests! It really was delicious.

I chose to put sour cream on mine.

Carrots, sweet potatoes, caramelized onion, safron, garlic, ginger, vegetable broth, pureed to a velvety texture.

 I had donated a gift certificate for cupcakes, to a school auction, and the recipient called in her marker for a dozen devil's food, with buttercream frosting.  I baked, boxed and delivered 18 nearly perfect cakes, and had a little batter left over to make a tiny bunt cake for the fam.
 I made this pumpkin pie for Maxwell's school lunches, because he thought that pumpkin pie would be soft enough to eat, even with a sore mouth.  My acorn cut outs didn't come out so hot, but the leaves look pretty. 
 Then I made these two pumpkin pies a week later, because the first one was very popular.
 Rolf bought a giant bag of new potatoes at a farm on Sauvie Island, which we celebrated by making scalloped potatoes with a salad of arugula with local hazelnuts, blue cheese, radish, and a pear vinegar dressing.  


  1. I'm hungry just looking at all of this.


  2. *slobber*

    one of the few good things I learned about cookery in the UK was a carrot/coriander soup. YUM.

    It's easy to make vegan just by substituting the butter for any other fat. And here in the states there is counterfeit sour cream, even, though I didn't mind if it was simply omitted, either. Mmmmm ... soup weather.