Saturday, December 3, 2016

Friday I drove to Carson, Washington and did a soak and wrap at Carson hot springs.

The Carson bathhouse a 1900 hotel in the middle of no where in the Columbia gorge. 

The place is shabby and smells like boiled eggs, but the mineral water is amazing and makes you forget about the yucky spots on the cast iron tubs, where the enamel has worn away.

You soak for a half hour and then you lie on a little lawn chairesque lounge, and a nice lady wraps you up in warm sheets and blankets, where you lie for another half hour. There is also a sauna, but I hate saunas so I didn't use it.

I was fully pain free for the rest of the day and night, after the soak. 

It is a peaceful place with no cell coverage, so perfect for a bit of mind clearing.

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  1. Hot Lake in the Grand Ronde Valley eastern Oregon is much the same, your grandma's father recuperated there when his leg was crushed by a log.