Saturday, December 24, 2016

Max and the Zacks went over to Zak L's place after band practice.

I can host practice, but the over night thing is not my favorite, Zak's parents have a bigger house and a rec room.

When he came home this morning he said that they had taken the dog for a walk around 11:30, and run into  a man beating up a woman at Richmond park.

When the boys walked up the man ran away.

The woman said she didn't want them to call the cops and that she would be ok. 

They walk on, but as they were coming around the other side of the block, they saw the guy chasing the woman down the block, so they rant after them.

The man turned and yelled at the boys, that he was a Crip and some other slurry nonsense, and Max said that while he wasn't afraid that a gang of Crips would come, he was concerned about the guy being armed and extremely unstable.

He said right at the moment they were going to call 911, a cop walked out of the cafe across from Village Merchants, so they told him about the couple and the cop jumped in his car and drove off toward the park, where they were last seen.

He was a little shaken up, as we don't have a lot of violence and drama in our lives (thank goodness) and he has certainly never seen a man punching a woman in the face before.

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