Monday, November 21, 2016

My November dinner was a Mexican theme.

I made a Oaxacan salad with chili peanuts and pomegranate seeds , a pork and sweet potato mole, and goat cheese and mashed potato stuffed poblano peppers, friends brought salsa, a green mole with prawns and a corn and kale salad
 I also made margaritas and sangria

Everyone was shellshocked after the elections and a few guests cancelled but we managed to rally and have a nice time.

*photo credit to Ms. Dianna

charing peppers 

In other festive November news, I scored big at the Twilight Rummage Sale.

TLRS is a monthly gathering of pickers and junk hounds, at the Eagles Lodge on Hawthorne.

It is a last vestige of old Portland, with little old ladies and punk rockers and weirdos of every stripe, gathering to look at treasures, records, books, toys, and works of art and sometimes complete garbage, heaped upon  folding tables.

The Eagles have a bar and little diner in one corner, where there members gab, as shoppers shop and sometimes mix.

I scored this fabulous teensy cuckoo clock for ten dollars.

It has it's key and works, beautifully.

Freyja and I go faithfully each month, in hopes of catching artist Alicia Justus of Redstar art, because every single thing she makes is pure magic.

We collect a series of felt mice that she hand sews, as well as her little grab bags of vintage dodads and googas that one most certainly cannot do without. We also love the work of Kimi Boylan, who transforms found objects into amazing tiny shrines.  

Much more mice. 

A print of a painting by Alicia Justice, of  Ruth Gordon, from a 1940's movie magazine.

I had this perfect little leather frame lying around, so it was clearly meant to be, since I am a Ruth Gordon superfan.


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