Thursday, November 10, 2016

Didn't see that coming

I was utterly shocked by the outcome of the election.

That is how insulated I am

You could have told me any number of ridiculous celebrities would be elected, and I would have believed it more readily, than Trump, but as my imaginary godfather Kurt Vonnegut says "so it goes".

Wednesday morning the parents streamed into the preschool with tears in their eyes, some obviously hungover, and sleep deprived.

The one most like a redneck, the hunter, the bro-dudest of them all, was misty at this national tragedy.

My trans parent sobbed and hugged me.

I did my best to offer comfort.

I know folks in the LBGTQ community are terrified.

In my feminist community women are buying morning after pills in bulk.

People talk of underground women's health collectives, things I had not heard of since the 80's.

The arts will surely get better.

Punk rock will rise again.

I am an old lady.

I will never need an abortion, a sex change, or political asylum.

I will not risk being beaten, or killed for the color of my skin, or my sexual orientation, but I don't want to turn back the clock and live in a world where people are afraid over these issues.

In my heart of hearts I want to believe that people voted for Trump, because of economics, and not because we are a country of hate filled bigots.

I want to believe that their motivation comes from trade agreements and not some creepy desire to overturn Roe VS Wade, but it's easy to be afraid.

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  1. people voted for Trump, because of economics .... exactly