Saturday, March 2, 2013

We had lunch at "shut up and eat",  today, and the food was generally very good, high quality and HUGE.  I am not a super fan of bar seating, which is what is mostly available, but we lucked out and got a small table.  This would not be a good place to come with a large party, which is sort of a shame, since it is the kind of place to take out of town guests. Very Portlandia, with lots of organic options and pickled thing appearing in unusual combinations on sandwiches made with really stellar bread. I am a fan of Pearl Bakery bread, so that makes it a double win.  Mark is usually not a big friend of bread and sandwiches, but he enjoyed his meatball sandwich and liked the bread, which was a big relief, I always feel guilty for suggesting a place, and then having it turn out to displease him; he is a bit of a picky eater.  I would say this place is wayyyy better than the much lauded Lardo.

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  1. This is good info! I love a good sandwich but Rob, like Mark, is very picky and not much of a sandwich person (but he does love meatball sandwiches). We will have to check this place out! -Kimberly