Sunday, November 4, 2012

the real tea party

The neighbors had a very long, large and loud party last night, which involved guests leaving between 4:00 and 6:30am this morning and stopping to chat along the way to their cars.
Every few minutes I would be awakened by loud talkers, and in one case a fellow singing under my bedroom window.
I am tired and cranky- I know, I know, I seem cranky all the time, but I really am not, but I need my sleep. Sleep is precious and allusive and when it is snatched from me by a series of inconsiderate idiots, it makes me angry.
At one point I yelled out the window, SHUT UP! and was ignored.  I think at that time it was the residents of the house sitting on the front porch smoking and reflecting on what a gay old time they had had, which made me furious.
At 7:00, Freyja lept like a cheerful golden retriever into my bed, and the notion of getting any more sleep passed.
Her mission for the day was to have a real tea party.  Thankfully, tea parties are right up my alley and I was able to pull it all together in my hazy, grumpy state.

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