Sunday, November 18, 2012

Getting ready for the big day

My dorag do for cleaning day
 We are busy preparing for Thanksgiving.  We will have 16 people this year and I hope it will be fun.  Last year was kind of sad.  I was sad and depressed and the holiday was a little wilted.  This year I am busting out all of my toughest moves and hoping for the best.
Wrangling three unruly animals

Freyja said "Mommy, what do hippos eat?" and I said I wasn't sure, most likely some kind of grass.  Here is what she came up with. 

Freyja walking the dog in the rain

An invitation that is not very fancy

A pumpkin soup party.

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  1. Thanksgiving dinner at your home is my favorite event of the year, I will miss not being there this year, I hope the evening is memorable as usual.