Sunday, October 7, 2012

Where I been at, many gifts this month...

 Freya and I both got haircuts last week, mine was a bit of a disaster, hers was ok.  A bad haircut can have a lasting effect, make everyone sad, as mama rages through the house, but this time I just sigh and decided that hair does indeed grow.  September was  that kind of month.

 I baked an apple pie.  I make a good apple pie, mile high pie.  This one had some super juicy apples that caused a little over flow in the oven.  When you have a very expensive vintage oven that requires a lot of TLC, you, as a rule try to avoid situations like this, that result in burned on sugar.  You can't use oven cleaner, so a lot of scrubbing is involved in cleaning up.  What a pain in the neck, say I.
 A friend of mine that has a little, little girl that is far, far away from him, asked "where can I get a pink scarf in a small child size?"  It just about broke my heart, to see it just about break his heart.  It was his little girl's birthday and she wanted a pink scarf.  Being a sucker for dad's that want something special for their children, I offered to make a scarf for him to mail off to his kid.  It came out pretty, pretty, if I do say do, and I do.  Freyja, is modeling the hell out of it here.  His daughter asked "how did that lady know I like pink?  How did she know what size I am?"  That really made my day.  If I could spend my whole life doing nothing, but making stuff that makes other people happy, I would be delighted.
 The kids are a lot less excited by the food carts than I am.  I LOVE them, and once in a blue moon force my children to eat at out local pod.  Maxwell is suffering through an afternoon snack.
 My friend Lili cleaned out her studio when she moved house last year, and she gave us the mother-load of holiday decorations!  I had a lot of cool Halloween stuff, but my table is positively chock a block full now. I set the dining table just for the hell of it, looks pretty nice, huh?
 My friend Marta said "I have a present for you, but you have to promise not to cry!"  She then presented me with these three extraordinary woolen goats, that she had made.  HOLY cow, holy GOAT!
 Freyja wanted to have gelato with a friend that lives near the gelato place.  She wasn't home, but we had fun anyway.
 Freyja made a play, the set, and the puppets over the course of three days all by herself.  She even made a ticket for each of us. WOW.
A new divan for moi.  Boy am I  blessed.  Thank you for all the people that keep us going.

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