Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our elderly neighbor passed away yesterday.

I am baking muffins for her husband and Mark is looking at me like I am a lunatic with a spatula.  I am not a quality coper since my grandmother died. 
Mark says I have to not make everything about me, which I think is not possible. 
Don't we relate to each other and the world from our own perspective?
 Despite my husband's nay saying I a, know for being objective and a good observer (so there! HA!) I can take mad S*O*A*P style notes and write a decent analysis when needed. 
When little old people die, I tend to lose my shit.  It really is that simple
Or dogs.  My friend had to put his dog down today and I thought my heart would break.
So it's a sad day, and I am baking muffins and crying. 

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