Sunday, September 9, 2012

a homework project I could help with

For the most part Mark is the homework helper parent.  I do pretty much everything inside the house, as well as keeping up with all the appointments and shots and camps and playdates, so I feel like Mark can cover the homework end of parenting.
I also happen to be totally impatient when it comes to helping with homework and there are big gaps in my knowledge base.  I  have the English thing nailed, but when it comes to math and science, I am sort of old fashioned and out of practice.
On Friday Maxwell came home with a potato that he had to make into a character with a costume.  If ever there was an assignment that I am perfect for, it was this one.
We brainstormed a little and came up with Robert Plant, and I was off like a shot knitting a tiny longhaired wig for the spud! I happen to have some silk and micro-suede scraps in my sewing basket, that were perfect for a rock star potato's clothing.   We spend quit some time looking for some kind of foam for the microphone head, when I noticed some sponge paintbrushes, and VIOLA!
My life has been so intensely cruddy lately, this was just the thing to lighten things up.  Maxwell is thrilled with the outcome-win, win.

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