Thursday, January 26, 2012

a new dog

We have a new dog. 

A small black mutt called Rose, that my mother brought for Freyja's birthday.

She is a sweet dog, but young and a little yappy.

I am not really that bothered by yappy, but most people are, so it makes me nervous.

I really didn't need another thing to make me nervous, but there you go, someone gives your child a dog, and you pretty much have to go with it.

snow day!

two dogs

You don't want to be the one that sent the puppy back, or at least I don't.

The thing is, that I don't really like dogs.

I like small white poodles and the occasional apricot or maybe a chocolate poodle.

Aesthetically I can appreciate a wire haired terrier or a  Airedale, but I don't want one in my kitchen.

This dog isn't so bad, she doesn't shed.

Shedding is a deal breaker for me.

I can't do hair, ever, for any reason, not even human.

I just can not abide having stray hair floating around.

So as far as the hair factor goes this dog is really pretty ok.

She is just not cute, to me.

My mother kept exclaiming "isn't she cute?!"

Well, no, she isn't really cute to me.

I have pretty static taste, I don't find all children cute and I don't find most dogs cute.

I might be impaired, my ability to sense cuteness might be all fouled up or something, but my idea of cute is just very narrow, and this dog doesn't land on the continuum.

She is sweet, and charming.

I will give her that much.

Freyja loves her already, which is the point.  So I guess I will learn to love her too.

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