Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mark and I had dinner out at Broder   on the 22nd, to take advantage of having my mom in town to provide childcare.
This was our second meal, we had breakfast there last summer.
Both times have been really lovely.
It happens to be in a cute little neighborhood right next to where I work.  I like cute, charming and quaint.  I was happy to be in a quiet place.
The space used to one of my favorite restaurants, which went out of business, so I was glad that something nice went in, instead of just another hipster bar, or pub. 

A cocktail with beet juice and caraway seed!

Smorgasbord, carrot soup, and more BEETS! 

pretty entrance

I'm a little tired, but that's ok, it's pretty dark and no one was very fancy or good looking.

Sparkly vintage dresses across the street.


  1. Is this in the spot that used to be "Henry's"? I loved that place......

  2. Yes, where Henry's used to be! I loved Henry's too!