Monday, November 1, 2010

Witchy woman

Freyja and I getting ready to head out for a cemetery tour at Lone Fir Cemetery. 

The tour turned out to be very cool, despite my nervousness about crowds and lines and my general ongoing social retardation that makes this sort of outing nerve wracking for me. 

Poor Maxwell drew the unfortunate lot of having his outdoor school land on Halloween (I know! What kind of idiot scheduled it?) so it was just the two of us, tagging along with some friends who live in the neighborhood and were gracious enough to invite us along.   

Mark stayed home to man the candy distribution, and keep the cat from harm.

Once again blogger is acting goofy and putting the photos in random order... 

our friends- a witch and a wood nymph, waiting in line for the walk
a good excuse to use that white manic panic powder purchased nearly 20 years ago on impulse.

Freyja and a friend running though the graveyard!

The founder of this cemetery and his wife.

 Along the tour there were actor preforming little vignettes, related to the grave.  This one was a fellow by the name of Mitchell, that was a musician, killed by a speeding horse cart, sometime in the late 1880's.

a lovely house along our trick or treating way.

spooky lights!

home again, for some "mile high apple pie"

and some ginger pear cake too.

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  1. oooh, look at all the undead spirits in the graveyard photos! spooky!!