Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

 moving the food out of the kitchen
post dinner lounging
 wild children
the prep crew prepping veggies
The acorn tree

the loooong table

 between the extreme lameness of Blogger, taking 25 minutes to upload ten photos, and my camera's settings being all wonky, making most of the photos blurry, this will be a short post.

We had a big Thanksgiving dinner, with twenty people and lots of crafting on my part.   My name tags were not exactly what I wanted, but they were close.

Thank you  to the fabulous artist, Katherine for helping me realize my vision.

Things went well, the food was great, lots of friends helped and brought things and that made my work pretty simple.

Holidays are always hard for me.

I am childish in my inability to ever get over having my own family of origin being all screwed up and fractured.

It messes with my head and causes me a great deal of pain around times like Thanksgiving.  I wind up feeling a lifetime of loss all over me and it often feels difficult not to cave in or be swept away by those feelings.

Thank goodness I have managed to accumulate a great and amazing body of lovely people that help insulate me from all that pain and make it feel somewhat manageable.

Thank goodness for my husband that totally gets me, and will tolerate me asking a million times "do you love me?" and will answer a million times, "yes I do."
the kid table

twenty people is a LOT! but they look pretty good by candlelight.

the pie and some cakes

the one year old's dad had to sit at the play table, to get her to eat.
It was fun to have a little one around, but she made me tired, just watching.  I am glad my children are bigger these days!

the leaf garland was lovely

the guests watching Maxwell's movie

baby wrangler's doing dishes

the turkey and the ham

Heidi wayyyy out of focus, damn camera

Don and Freyja

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