Tuesday, May 11, 2010

in a foul, not fowl mood

I am so very sad that my computer is no longer allowing me to post photos.

I really like posting photos, and I really hate being restricted from doing things I like.

I drives me to distraction to be told no, for no good reason. 

I just finished making an amazing vegetable lasagna that no one but me will appreciate. 

My family is made of of food plebs that would prefer a Tonios frozen pizza to the fabulous food I prepare.

$%^# all y'all, I am making something for myself today and you will have to struggle though.

Is what I was thinking, as I shredded that zucchini, but I will find a friendlier way to explain it to them.

Your body really needs to have a variety of whole foods to be healthy!

Mark is of no help what so ever, being among the pickiest of the picky.

Him: I am not that picky.

Me: eating, lettuce, corn, peas and green beans does not an adventurous eater make.   You  are one vegetable over the redneck line, buddy, watch your step! 

He can't help it, he is from a family of picky people.  Having a family dinner with his family is like an anthropological study for me.  People focused on picking and deconstructing the food apart.  Fascinating, to observe the various real and imagined allergies, preferences, chewing, serving style and swallowing issues at work.

No one in my family would dare to be picky.  
It would be considered weak willed, and down right sinful, not to mention rude.  You are barely allowed to have a strong opinion.  If someone is generous enough to feed you, you better damn well eat what they serve- Liking it is beside the point, but then again I am from a family of good cooks, people that make thoughtful meals by hand, uplifting the most humble ingredients to perfection.  What I wouldn't give for one of my grandmother's cobblers, or my other grandmother's snicker doodles (or even her stewed tomatoes, Dad- so HA!) right now, fortification to ward off the nagging that is sure to ensue at dinner hour.


  1. the pox on stewed tomatoes {{{{ actualy it was the so call breaded tomatoes that I found so offensive.

  2. but you ate them anyway, didn't you!

  3. alas yes between gaggs