Saturday, May 29, 2010

and just like that...

 it started working again.  The thingy, plug in device that makes it possible to post photos from my super old camera!


I am so happy (it doesn't take much)!

So here is a little snapshot of what things are looking like around here lately.

                                        Freyja with me and my hideous outfit on mother's day.

and the mini cheesecakes I made for a family gathering, on Mother's Day (suggested by the fabulous kitchen witch, Miss Cheri at Cheri's hearth)  they were popular indeed!

Lots of acrobatic tomfoolery and horseplay involving me balancing various members of our household on my feets, and posing in ridiculous postures.

I have composed a zillion great posts in my head lately, but not managed to get anything on the page, not here, and not in a real journal.  

I don't know why.

I finished two excellent novels by Lousie Erdrich.

A plague of doves   and  Love medicine

We've watched a few movies... nothing has blown me away. 
The hurt locker  (honestly I enjoyed Generation Kill a lot more).

I was so annoyed by the end of LOST, I don't even know what to say.  It sucked.

Tonight we are watching The Road.  I am the only person on the planet to not like the book.  I am a huge fan of Cormac McCarthy, but I hated this book.  

Oh, and we got a new freezer, which I hope to fill up with berries and peaches if the rain ever stops long enough to allow our local fruit to ripen. 


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