Wednesday, April 14, 2010

crafting up a storm

The big fundraiser auction for Freyja's school is coming up this Saturday.  Since I have no money to buy anything, I always try to contribute a lot to sell.  Last year my cakes and handmade items brought in some serious long dollars- just saying.

Last night I waited until Freyja went to bed to get started, so I was a little frazzled by the end, but I think my things came out pretty nicely.

Two tooth fairy pocket pillows
the pocket for the tooth/money is on the back.

Two tulle fairy dress up skirts.  Sewing tulle is an impatient sewers worst nightmare! 

Two pirate dress up vests. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 

I also made eight of my lightswitch covers, and gift certificates for dozens of dozens of cupcakes, spaezle, and other home cooked items, to be delivered. 

I think I am done.

I may have one or two more tutu's in me, but Mark left this morning  on a business trip, so I may try to conserve my energy. 

Maxwell came home from China with a new short haircut!  

He has not cut his hair since he was seven, so this is a bit of an adjustment for his old mama, who continues to do double takes.  

Oh, and the only remarkable cooking this week has been a pizza.  Half sans cheese, for Mark.

Freyja is now old enough to play with paper dolls, but apparently I am not old enough to be patient with my reckless five year old, so Mark is the only one she will allow to assist her in dressing the dolls. 
It is going to be a loooooong week with daddy away, friends.  Pray for me!


  1. I feel your pain!!I am on day 3 of single parenting and just have 100 more appointments and 5,000 miles more to drive myself until mine is home.

    Your crafting is adorable, I am sure you are one of the people they all wait to see what you have and push to get in front!!

  2. Actually Carla,
    some asshole made a comment on the feedback card that there were too many handmade items and not enough big ticket things. Which of course made me want to totally make more and more and more handmade. Gentrified $$%%##@!

  3. last year, someone made that comment, I should clarify.

  4. only the jackasses tend to fill out comment cards like that. i mean, happy people sometimes pick them up but don't as often fill them out. i'm totally thinking of someone in particular here i know who would totally make that sort of comment, and it's no one you would bother with impressing if you met him.

    is mark vegan? or just dairy-free? i know you make jillions of vegan goodies, i just can't remember why.

  5. also, max and noah look like they could be brothers, even with max's new hair, whoa. seriously.