Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I'll be happy when all of the hubbub about voting has passed.

If I wasn't married to a voting bully, I probably wouldn't vote. 

I am that terrible, cynical non-believer you read about.

I think, short of a revolution, nothing will change. 

The haves will dominate over the have nots and shit will remain static.

I don't really care about whether marijuana is legalized.  

Never having been a stoner, it's just not on my radar. 

If I gave it any thought at all I might think that I worry that what is largely a cottage industry, will be corrupted and co-opted by the government. 

I don't care very much about food labeling, because I believe that the bad guys have enough money to cover their tracks if they really want to. 


I wish the people that get all hot under the collar about voting would volunteer for social service projects. 

I wish they would come out in droves to feed the hungry, or house the homeless, or volunteer at their local school, or any one thing of substance, besides walk around like puffed up rice crisps because they filled out a form.  

I don't believe our government wants to help us.  I don't believe one side is better than the other (by much).  My lack of faith in our system makes Mark crazy. 

He loves politics, he loves to vote, to follow politicians. 

I like to bake cakes and raise money for books. 

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