Saturday, April 19, 2014

a little on the spicy side La Concina de Chepe

Bored with the usual suspects, we headed east, for some El Salvadorian grub, at the sweet family place in Hazelwood, Chepe.  There are several places we go to for El Salvadorian food that are good, great even, but the atmosphere can be a bit of a downer.  Chepe is not fancy, but it is clean, well lit and festive.  The food is AMAZING and inexpensive and the have margaritas.  Win.  We had pupusas, which is what you go for, but also yuca fries that were incredible, as well as sauteed plantain and tamales that were out of this world.  Freyja the world's most picky eater loved her dinner of chicken tamales, steamed in banana leaves, for a succulent finish that is other worldly- they are stuffed with chicken, garbanzo beans and potato.   We tried cheese and bean pupusas both plain and with ranchero sauce.  We had one that came with sauce AND over medium eggs on top, AND avocado!  It was phenomenal

Yuca fries with crispy pork belly and salad

best tamale ever

fruit in plastic cups reminded me of Mexican beaches, were the vendors stop and squeeze lime for you, and chile if you ask

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