Tuesday, February 4, 2014

You are such a weirdo

Our lives have been a bit chaotic. 

We are back home, from the rental (the rental saga is for another day), but the kitchen isn't finished, wont be for another day or two.

The ice maker on the giant new fridge is broken. 

A piece, a gray piece of plastic in the back, cracked.

It cracked and made the ice maker not work. 

I've lived 46 years without an ice maker, but the broken part of this one made me cry. 

We are all at a cracking point now.  

There is a great deal of soot every place, and our brand, spanking new ice maker is broken and it is starting to feel like a bit much to take, even for me.

Even for someone that can take a lot of disappointment, the way I can.

Last night at midnight I heard yelling and banging in the kitchen.  I ran down to find Mark stomping around.  The contractor had left the breaker off and the fridge was off and Mark was losing his mind over our small stash of food being spoiled. 

I leave the house at 6:30am most days.  Today a bit earlier to account for the ice that might be lurking on Mt. Tabor, slowing me down. Mark takes the kids to school and he apparently woke up in a foul mood over the fridge, over the delays and over the lack of a toaster to toast the bagel I left for them. He told Maxwell to hurry, and in his haste Maxwell picked up a bottle of mouthwash.

The blue kind of mouthwash that I favor.  


A bottle of my favorite mouthwash with just a tiny bit left in the bottom, just enough for a swish or two in the car. 

It seems that in the absence of his lunch box and water bottle (buried in the packing up) Maxwell had the bright idea that he should fill the empty mouthwash bottle with water, to drink at school. 

At 10:00 the principal of the very conservative school called me at work, but I was in a meeting, so they called Mark at work, calling him out of a meeting, to report that our 14 year old had been sent to the office for drinking out of a bottle that said 26% alcohol on the label. 

The bottle was filled with water, Maxwell explained to the principal.  

Never the less and still...  

 Said the principal. 

We were informed. 

We apologized for our kid being weird and our lack of proper water vessels. 

At 3:00pm the reporting teacher phoned to apologize to Maxwell. 

"I felt like I had to legally, report it."
"He is such a GREAT kid, please tell him I am sorry for stressing him out."

He is a great kid.  He is a smart kid, smart enough not to drink SCOPE, or at least not in public.

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