Saturday, February 1, 2014

Funny haha not funny strange

It's been a funny week and when I say funny, I mean strange.

We are wrapping up the remodel, but there are mountains of details, of unfinished parts that will make the whole a WHOLE. Ben has been good, great even about working them out.  Many things are his fault, in the sense that if he had been a bigger contractor he would have had more help, more resources, but here's the thing, a bigger guy, a bigger outfit, might not have been able to hear my tiny 1" high voice.  They might not have heard me when it mattered, so I am grateful to Ben and his small self and his cute wife, who work every evening until her blood sugar gives out.  He tells me that when they were in Minnesota, his wife worked for a doctor that left her sad in the evenings... "I just felt like punching that guy in the face, every night." That is the guy I want  in my corner.  So, yes, we are behind, but there are other things to consider, like ethics, like punching some asshole in the face if he makes your wife sad.

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