Friday, January 11, 2013

heading out to St. Jack for my birthday dinner.  Mark made reservations, because we had such a beautiful evening for our anniversary last April.  I have to attend a fundraiser tomorrow night for a friend with breast cancer, so this was a great way to get a birthday celebration in... the last three years have been wrought with kid classes or illness or something, so I didn't even protest.  Dinner out? You betcha!

Simple, beautiful bistro fare- it was dark as hell.  They brought me a tiny flashlight to read the menu.   I had a frisee salad with avocado and some other mixed greens. 

Mark had Charcuterie De Maison, with liver mouse, duck pate with dried cherries & pistachio

I had my favorite, their version of the classic Campari & gin cocktail.  "Corsican"

I had pommes frites which Mark ate - I like their homemade garlic mayonnaise.
  I was done in by that much food, and french bread, but Mark ordered the lamb shank with sauerkraut.  he said it was the best lamb he has ever had.  "tell your dad about this one!"  I had a glass of red wine and we declined dessert.  It was just too rich. Last time we had a tarragon sorbet that I am still dreaming about.  It really could not have been nicer.  

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