Friday, September 10, 2010

First day of school and all that

We made it through the first week! 

Miss F is now officially in kindergarten, and Maxwell is in Jr. High, and I am working five day per week for the first time in six years. 


Mark took the week off, to help us all make the transition, plus he has a million vacation days that he would otherwise just wind  up cashing in for %50 of the value.

I felt like a super terrible mother when I wasn't able to take them to school for the first day, but I reminded myself that I have been incredibly fortunate to be home with them as much as I have for so long.

Like her mother, Freyja can't resist rhinestones...
she selected this top with giant "diamonds" for the first official day of school outfit.

One of the biggest issues around our house is hair brushing.  Both kids throw fits every time we try to brush their hair, and I always suggest a haircut.  They are both in swimming lessons and fine blond hair + chlorine is a recipe for tangles.

Out of the blue last night, at 7:15pm Freyja said

"Mommy let's go to your haircutter and get a haircut!"

I was so afraid she would change her mind, I raced out of the house to try to catch Min, my hairdresser, before she closed her shop. 

She was just cleaning up, but took us anyway.

Hooray for no more tangles!

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