Friday, October 30, 2009

sometimes life drops a brick on your head, from a high place

The past two weeks have been harsh.

An emotional roller coaster.

Last week Maxwell went to ER and wound up in ICU for a night.

He is ok, but I was so shaken I couldn't talk, or tell anyone about it until now, or think about him being sick, it was just too much to bear.


Weenie. I know

This week I was informed that my job, as it has been defined for the past six years is being eliminated, and that our management team is being restructured.

I will now be the financial manager. Which entails, payroll, customer billing, taxes and many other things that give me hives.

Those of you that know me, my perfectionism & my severe math anxiety, know how wrenching this news was for me.

I loved my job, and I was really proud of my work, this announcement came out of left field and I have not been able to process, or cope at all.

Life feels extremely unjust and shitty right now

I have not stopped crying...


Today, we attempted to get caught up on normalcy, and carved some pumpkins.
I felt like a rotten mom for waiting so long, because all the regular orange pumpkins at Trader Joes were sold out.
So we have two albino jack 'o lanterns and one tiny pumpkin from the school field trip, carved on our porch. I bought about a million bags of trick or treat candy to make up for my pumpkin faux pas.

Maxwell is going to China in March, with my mother. I have not taken him to get his passport, and my delinquency on taking care of this, may be another nail in my bad mother coffin.

Everyone cross your fingers and wish me a productive and uneventful next week.

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  1. Yikes, how scary about Maxwell being in the ICU. I'm glad he's OK now.

    You have plenty of time to get a passport! It'll be OK.

    We didn't even carve jack-o-lanterns this year. It just kinda fell by the wayside, with the move and all.