Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween- sorry no cute title available

I really like costumes, and dressing up.

If I had not married such a hip guy, I could totally see myself involved in something corny, like historical reenactments. Well, perhaps not, but I am not bothered by that sort of thing, where as Mark would be horrified.

Halloween was one of the best things in my childhood, since my mother really went all out to make good costumes for us each year.

The very best one being a gray, pinstriped, mouse suit.
She sewed the mousesuit from a pattern, which is a very big deal, since she was always had a very NO SEWING, NO COOKIE BAKING policy.

The most extraordinary part of the whole suit was the feet. My mother with her amazing Goodwill karma, managed to find a pair of those Japanese toe/sock shoeish things, menat to be worn with thongs, that were a sort of soft gray suede! So the mousesuit had it all including paws!

Needless to say, I have big shoes to fill in the costuming department.

When Maxwell was four he wanted to be a bat, not a scary vampire, black bat, noooo, but rather some kind of barn bat, that is native to North America, that eats fruit.
I deferred to my mom, who made a fur bodysuit & fur hood, with pleather wings.

Three years ago, I made him an excellent Dracula costume, included a homemade black cape, with red satin lining, which still get a lot of use around the house.

Last year Freyja was Little Red Ridinghood, which mean me making a red cape with a big hood, not problem, except she somehow got it into her head that she always has to be Little red, each year, from here on out... and there is no dissuading her from this belief.
Last night I went down into the basement and unearthed a full body crocodile suit (one of those plush zip front ones for little kids, that my stepfather bought Maxwell, when he was obsessed with Peter Pan), which she wore around all night.
I tried to convince her that she could be a crocodile for Halloween, if she felt like it, but no, she was sticking to her guns.
My fear is that it will be pouring rain and the croc would provide much needed warmth.

Maxwell has decided to be Aragorn from Lord of the Rings.

Having never seen the movie, nor read the books, I was hard pressed to have a vision for this character, but I think we have something passable pulled together, with a big, black hooded cape, a brown rustic looking tunic, a big wide leather belt and a sword.

I will be a witch as usual.

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  1. In the movie, Aragorn had greasy, stringy hair and hadn't shaved in quite a while, in case you want to incorporate that into the costume.