Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I bought a few things for work, because I am working at a place that requires business casual, which is far afield from that clothing that hang in my closet.

I've worn jeans and hippie dresses for the past 25 years, to every job I've ever had and it's been completely acceptable, if not expected.

So I bought four new outfits, because the four things I rotate now are pretty shopworn, and winterly.

Three of the four were simply not good.

One dress a knit thing with a sort of flowery print and empire waist, was shoddily made, although I liked the design.

The second dress had weird sleeves and too much lining.

It looked like the breastplate  of a suit of amour, and made me feel stiff.

The third outfit was so so. 

The top was fine.  It was white, which is always a gamble, for someone like me, who drinks coffee while terribly near sighted, and has a tendency to spill, but it was cute (although Mark said it was "see though", by which I think he meant white, having almost always only seen me in black).
The accompanying skirt was an abomination.


Long, overly long.

Mark couldn't quit put it into words, but upon seeing it on, Rolf exclaimed,

"there is simply too much FABRIC!" 

and as usual he was completely correct.

He may have not been this correct, since the time in the early 90's when he observed that the dress I was wearing made me look like a secretary.

The lot of it is going back, except for the see-through white tee-shirt with the little bow.

To hell with clothing, I will go on with my Mao inspired peasant dress and they can avert their eyes if they don't like it!


  1. Why not just get some basic pants and skirts and some tops? -Aquitana

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