Thursday, September 4, 2014

Creature of the night

MAC cosmetics is doing a line, inspired by Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I've been a big fan of RHPS, since Jr. High. 

My friend Carrie turned me onto the music, then the movie, in 6th grade. 

She also introduced me to the musical Hair

I adore camp and a catchy tune, and make-up, so Rocky was a natural favorite. 

Much later, I would dress up and go to the midnight movie.  Not all the time, not like a superfan, but enough to know all the lines, and all the music. 

One Halloween, Rolf, my college roommate Jackie, her girlfriend and I all got dressed up and went. 

I won the contest for "the person most likely to be arrested on the way home for their costume", I was dressed as FrankNfurter, with fishnets and a leather jacket. 

It was all great fun, with a lot of red lipstick.

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