Sunday, January 19, 2014

Love the bass on Paul Simon's "I know what I know"

It comes from having dated a bass player for many years. 

I hear bass lines now, all the time, thick, fat, juicy, slap bass lines. 

I also hear certain kinds of drum beats for the same reason. 

Before, in my early 20's, when I had not spend significant amounts of time with musicians, I only heard words, perhaps a tiny bit of melody. 

I could pick out a twelve string guitar from a six string, but it was mostly all words for me. 

For the most part I am still fond of words in music. 

I hear them first. 

I am most impacted by good, clever or evocative words. 

I am irritated by guitar solos. 

I am irritated by opera and long stretches of chanting, classical religious music and most classical music. 

I am a bit of a peasant in that respect and I am fine with that. 

I have no desire to learn to appreciate opera at this stage of my life.

Maxwell often beats our drum beats on his belly, or chest, which I find deeply annoying.  I am not a fan of African drumming, or hippie drumming. 
One of my teachers at the preschool recently introduced a bongo drum into the classroom and my jaws clenched at the very thought of it. A jam band makes me want to scream, although I enjoy a number of Grateful Dead songs, but I like the recorded versions, and would never chose to listen to the long live recordings.

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