Sunday, October 20, 2013

The drama of our home improvements continue onward. 

We decided to do the bathroom too, while we are at it- what's the lack of a shower between family members?

Last week was a very intensely stressful week, that came to a somewhat explosive conclusion which involved me yelling at the contractor, over the bathroom vanity, that was made of particleboard. 

Not even nice looking, it just looked terrible. 

My mother had already nixed it's installation but when I saw it, I snapped.  I lost all confidence in the contractor and his ability to understand me and my house needs and well, frankly, I was not that shit hot on him to begin with. 

I don't enjoy being pitched, or wooed or up-sold.  I enjoy straight talk and keeping even that at a minimum.  This guy is a bit of a taker and he irritates me.  I should cut him a little slack, because I am pretty unusual, most people enjoy a bit of chatter and salesmanship, but I don't. 

That is just that,  


Then my mother drove to industrial NW Portland looking for a replacement vanity and found one, but by cracky when we went to pick it up Friday evening, it was lost, the warehouse couldn't find it.  I had already had my little breakdown, so at that point I was just sort of numb.  It all turned out fine by Saturday, when we found a Alder vanity at another place, but MAN, OH MAN, what a pain.

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