Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rock and Roll Lifestyle

Maxwell plays in a African Marimba group.  He goes to the teacher's house each Wednesday after school and practices with five other children.  Most of them go to his arts focus school and a couple don't.  A couple go to regular school and come to play with this lady that is very invested in marimba, and African music.  Her husband builds the giant instruments.  Her daughter plays along.  Many years ago, my boyfriend, the badman played with this lady too, so I knew her a little bit. I knew who she was, I didn't know her.   It's funny how small a town Portland is.  I was totally unprepared for how awesome the kids would sound.  They were excellent.  I wished my father could have been there.  He likes that sort of thing.  My mother is agitated by noise.  She would have come, but she would have paced and smoked outside, and her pacing and smoking would have been embarrassing to me, and so it was just as well that she had a conflict.
Mr. Fuzzyfeet

The most beautiful boy in the world makes music

A girl who lacks patience.  A girl that is bothered by noise.
I am terribly fond of this band and this song, which has little to do with anything in this post.

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